We are sure you have to play Secret Santa at numerous events, family gatherings, and office Christmas parties. And picking up the choicest gift for everyone can be a dreadful task, especially if you are not aware of their likes and dislikes. So what is it that is neutral and can be functional of day to day basis? A Backpack!

Now you will say that it is such a basic gift compared to all the other expensive choices in the market. But what does a laptop, an iPad, a Mac Book, an opulent makeup kit, a pair of sunglasses or even your camping gear have in common? Again a trendy travel bag! So no matter what you gift someone they will always need a durable, comfy and stylish shoulder bag to put all their essentials. Hence it’s ideal to choose a backpack as Christmas gift this holiday season.

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas - Make the Holidays Even More Fun

Tocode is a one-stop gift shop this Christmas season; they are offering an amazing 40% discount with the code "TOCODE40" from 23rd December to 2nd January. Plenty of time for you to leisurely shop online, a range of sleek and modern backpacks for everyone. There is no need to wait in long queues or bargain endlessly with frustrated shopkeepers.

Think about the introvert in the family who loves to read books for hours and has a secret stash hidden somewhere. They would not need to hide their books in some corner anymore as a backpack can be the next best travel companion for the book worm. The professional husband who loves to flaunt his manliness but does not have a vintage case to carry all his stuff. Well, now you can gift him a leather messenger bag that has several spacious compartments to hold his office items and his occasional spare clean clothes for an emergency business trip.

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas - Make the Holidays Even More Fun

Have a colleague who loves to travel and explore, but always has some nightmarish travel stories to tell? Then gift them the perfect outdoor travel bag that is made out of eco-friendly material and is water resistant.

Each of these bags are made to order and have modern day features like ergonomic design, padded shoulder straps, and even portable USB ports to charge your phones on the move.

How do you wrap these trendy bags in a wrapping paper?

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas - Make the Holidays Even More Fun

To avoid creating a crease and ensuring that your gift stays in an impeccable condition while unwrapping. Use a colorful wrapping paper to create a paper bag and neatly place the backpack into it. Tie a bow on top or you could punch holes onto the side of the wrapping paper and create a neat little ribbon handle.

Create your own label this holiday season with Tocode backpacks and messenger bags.

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