We heard you own a super stylish laptop which is sleek, latest, functions very smoothly and you absolutely love it. And you’re looking for a stylish backpack for your laptop. Right?

A backpack is the necessity of life when one has to travel daily to and from home to college or office. And just owning a backpack isn’t everything, your backpack should be durable and stylish too, to meet the style and class that you have maintained for years now. And you simply can’t let any dull backpack to ruin it all for you.

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Well, you need not to worry about your style, class and durability of the bag when you trust ToCode for your backpack.

Our backpacks will tick mark all the boxes on your list of the perfect, stylish laptop backpack.

We have picked these three backpacks for you to carry your backpack, confidently and with style.

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What’s so special about Ternence is it’s unique and sleek design and the loaded features it comes with to make your travel smooth and your personality, more stylish.

Capable of giving room to 15Ltr and holding your 15’6inch laptop with ease, it makes a perfect laptop backpack with its features like, Inbuilt Portable USB, which lets you charge your device on the go. Anti-theft lock, the traditional backpack lock has been modified for this bag to give you extra protection and safety from theft. It’s spacious pockets allows you to keep your electronics and other gears separate making sure, your laptop remains dent free. The additional hidden pocket that it comes with is a small gift from our side to you for your extra safety from thieves.

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What makes lambert unique is it’s not so commonly found style and build quality, quality that promises this backpack to last with you for years. Equipped with features that can put a smile to anyone’s face like, it comes with an Inbuilt Portable USB that allows you to plug in, charge and send those important mails on the go. Capable of giving room to your 15.6 inch Mac book air and other gears like couple of pair of clothes, books and tiffin. Lambert keeps you well organised and your goodies handy. It’s all new anti-theft lock ensures you’re safe from theft. And, if you are a hustler, this backpack is for you. It’s light weight and unique padding gives comfort and less strain on body. Making it fit for your all day grind.

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It’s sleek and trendy design makes this backpack ideal and eye-catching, double ticking the box of style  in your check list. It’s spacious pockets can give room to keep your 15.6inch laptop comfortably. It’s unique anti-theft lock protects your goodies from burglars. And you can travel worry free about the Backpack’s durability, performance and security. Our grand canyon gives you the grand comfort that you deserve while commuting. It’s exclusive padding decreases the strain that your body has to tolerate with other laptop backpacks. And, it’s portable USB slot on the outside makes powering up your electronic devices a little less hectic.

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A business man needs to be online all the time to seal the deal and you can’t let lack of power cost you some extra thousand dollars. Going for some backpack without anti-theft, USB SLOT, and style will be your biggest mistake, that can cost you thousand dollars or maybe more.

You can check out more backpacks   on our home page and can pick the best suited one or two or three for yourself or loved-one’s.


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