What can be the most romantic way to steal someone’s heart? By surprising them with a vacation! And how do you plan on not blowing away the cover before Valentine’s day? Keep it subtle and leave some clues for your beloved that you will be flying away soon somewhere. Make all your plans discreet and let them know at the last moment. Still, don’t know how to go about it? We have some practical tips and tricks to startle the daylights out of your partner.

Pack in advance

To make things easier pack a backpack in advance for the trip. This means no backbreaking overpacking at the last moment. ToCode has a range of travel bags that fit into any planned trip, whether for a weekend or long term. All of your belongings will be securely organized inside its neat compartments. You can also pack cool travel gears without worrying about them getting damaged. They also have secret pockets just in case you want to hide the ring box too. Gift wrap the backpack and at a special moment ask your loved one to unveil it!



Everyone has that adventurous kind of lover who loves to be handled with surprise. For them create a mock ambush. Drive a car next to them and suddenly open the door to pull them in or kidnap them from their workplace in a fun manner. Drive away to a camping trail, hiking trail, mountain resort or to the beach. Sure it will send shivers down the spine for a while but in the end its all for enjoyment. Don't forget to pack all your camping gear with ToCode’s Harold Travel Backpack. This sturdy backpack is made for all weather and comes as a bonus add-in for a romantic escape.


Romantic meal

A candlelight dinner is always a sweet gesture to express your love. But wait we can have a romantic meal with a twist. Have the waiter deliver your destination tickets at the end of the feast with the desserts. It will knock the socks out of your beloved. A great way to end the evening will be to head straight to the airport with ToCode daypacks. You love won’t be able to complain about not finding time to charge his/her mobile. ToCode backpacks come with sophisticated external USB port and charging cable. Thus today you can click umpteen amount of sentimental pictures.



Business Plans

Create a fake business trip and ask your beloved to accompany you without letting them know they are actually headed for a relaxing vacation. Maybe you can work on the side, ToCode business backpacks have everything covered. So now you can fit in your laptop for a quick business mail, chat or checking the share market while you are soaking in the tan at the beach. Talk about business mixed with pleasure.


There are sure many other ways to surprise your love this Valentine’s day, but no one forgets a quick bombshell vacation. Trust ToCode to have it all covered when it comes to planning a shocker.

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