Messenger bags have evolved over the years and the evolutionary messenger bags are super stylish, durable, trendy and cool. You can invest your trust back, in the traditional messenger bags for a hassle free and comfortable commute. Messenger bags make sure you and your accessories are well organised with it’s well divided pockets with enough room for you to keep your business meeting stuff well arranged and in one place.

Modern day messenger bags are giving tight competition to the ever famous, trendy shoulder backpacks and the messenger bags have set the market demands on fire.

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Well equipped and loaded with new features, you just can’t keep yourself from owning a messenger bag for your business travels.

Perks of owning a messenger bag,



-Easy to Carry




And the list can go long and long.

We have picked some best messenger bags for you that you can pick, right now online.

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Made with special quality leather and canvas waxed fabric, keeping in mind our special customers our OAKLEY becomes a shoulder bag which isn’t only water proof but also shock proof. Capable of rooming your laptop sized 14 inch and protecting it from dents and scratches, this bag comes with as many as seven pockets. And, it’s padding, designed with care and purpose of your maximum comfort, ensures you get the best bag to carry on your commute, without compromising on your style. With this cross-body bag, you also get one year warranty, which makes it more and more attractive. And, you can claim your warranty against this backpack with our all day functional customer assistance team.

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A large cross-body bag for your larger needs, enough spacious with eight pockets, giving you all the room in the world you need to keep your goodies for the business travel. Our Twins shoulder bag can keep your 15.6inch laptop well protected and safe with it’s padding on the exterior that makes this bag, smooth and also gives you comfort, protection and style in your traditional styled messenger bags. Made with waxed canvas fabric, this bag is water resistant and your bag will stay safe from the heavy rains and water spills on the bag. It’s comfortable padded strap puts less strain your shoulder. What we absolutely love about our twins is, it’s adjustable shoulder strap pad which can even be removed when not required. A completely customer friendly bag from a customer central company. You can’t say no to our special  TOCODE CROSS TWINS LEATHER SHOULDER BAG

We know, you are a traditional shopper and may have trust issues with online shopping, it’s okay. But when you shop with us, ToCode you just don’t buy our products, trust comes free with our backpacks.

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You can anytime pick yourself a backpack from our store, sit back, do your other work and do your daily chores without worrying about your money, quality of backpack and frauds. We at TOCODE don’t just sell bags, we manufacture, sell and deliver our products with love, care and trust.

Your shopping experience with us will be unforgettable and you, surely will comeback to us wherever and whenever you’ll be in need of a durable, trendy and fashionable backpack.

Make your business travel fun, hassle free and comfortable with our wide range of messenger backpacks, exclusively designed for business people. And, you can thank us anytime later after trying, using and grinding with our backpack. We would love to hear your feedback about our bags, write to us at: 

Shop your shoulder bag here:

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