Now is the best time to take a ski trip or a sensational mountain climbing trip. Or you are much interested in taking a long road trip through a scenic coastline. Whatever be the journey of discovery, we always need some extra space to carry all of our essential needs. Going light is the key and the new solo backpackers or couple travellers are carrying just enough in their rucksacks. So what makes these Backpacks stylish and practical?

  1. Extra Space

Normally totes, duffel bags and luggage just have a single huge compartment that is meant to stuff everything in an unorganized way. Travel backpacks are featured with plenty of zippers on the back and front. Plus, they come with additional space inside. Large padded pockets for 16-inch laptops and separate pockets for daily items. Which means you can easily cross the baggage checks and keep your belongings safe with you in an overhead bin during flight. Also, carry around your backpack for sightseeing as it comfortably transforms into a spacious day bag for keeping souvenirs. An excellent piece of luggage for storing all camping needs on a wild trek trip. Extremely ideal for rough daily commute without the hassle of a bulky transit.

  1. Grip

While riding pillion or navigating through the congested traffic scenes the first thing that comes to the mind is – Will my backpack slip away? It is near impossible to concentrate on the road if your bag has sliding issues. For steel grip backpacks with adjustable wide shoulder straps are ideal. Bags that lean almost to the lower back level are contentedly placed at an anti-slide angle. The weight is evenly distributed with the body ratio at this level, also it is an absolute must to have chest straps for a firm grip. Straps that have breathable mesh design will enable the back to be sweat proof while driving.

  1. Modern Enhancements

It gets tricky while being out of touch with civilization for a long time during travel. But if you have a backpack that features an external USB port and extra charging cable, then connecting with loved ones and followers through social media is always possible. Especially if you are a social media influencer or a travel blogger who loves to go live on Instagram every now and then. Or a foodie who is on a culinary trail, keeping the electronic devices in a working condition is luxury for a frequent traveller.

  1. Well in Budget

Going for designer bags is considered a status symbol but being able to own a versatile travel bag with chic features within budget is a jackpot. Owning expensive backpacks is not a game changer but possessing practical luggage is a fashion statement.

ToCode backpacks go a long way and hold all the above attributes of a stylish travel backpack. They make packing for any trip a breeze and ensure that you feel lightweight even with a fully loaded backpack.

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