When it comes to accessories its all about the feel, look and style. Bags are the number one choice when it comes to minimal accessorization. Backpacks can look childish on adults, especially if you love to dress up sharp and sophisticated. In a formal setting normally a briefcase is preferred. So what does someone do if he/she wants to continue impressing clients and staying sharp while travelling? Buy an elite collection of leather messenger bags. These bags have a unisex appeal and go well with any outfit.

Bags of class - why do people love messenger bags so much?

Why do cyclists & travelers love messenger bags?

It is a known fact that tourists travelling to European countries love to rent bicycles and take leisurely rides to view the city attractions. Also, most of the streets there are pedestrian so there is less traffic and more exploring by foot. With a messenger bag one can use it as a sling bag or crossbody bag to keep it close to oneself and also safe from thefts.

Bags of class - why do people love messenger bags so much?

Second, if you are renting out a bicycle, then riding with a backpack high on the bag throws you off balance. Since the backpack will be full and this works against gravity. While riding with a backpack there is less ventilation between the bag and the back hence more sweating. With a messenger bag it lies lower and does not cause sweaty backs. A backpack distributes more weight onto the shoulders and back while riding causing muscle pain. Whereas a messenger bag is lightweight and hangs around the torso, this does not effect the chest and the shoulders. The weight distribution is even across the body which allows the rider to focus on the rode.

Bags of class - why do people love messenger bags so much?

Another reason is messenger bags don’t have to removed constantly for loading and unloading items. Which makes them perfect companions during rush hour shopping. A flat rectangular surfaced messenger bag is ideal for laptops due to their quality and support with padded interiors. You can place the laptop horizontally instead of it jutting out vertically and be exposed to weather elements.

Tocode Leather Messenger bags are designed for the comfort and style. They have detachable belts so can be easily converted into mini briefcase. The material is vintage and ages with grace making it a lifelong companion. The compact exterior is unmatched to the spacious interior.

Bags of class - why do people love messenger bags so much?

They have large compartments to fit in everything for a small weekend trip. So whether you are an artist or professional Tocode messenger bags are superior built to carry all the weight with ease. The waxed canvas, smooth zipper, and strong buckles ensure that your belongings are safe under any condition.

They are running on amazing discount offers make sure to check out the collection.

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