The big day could be a new job, a new college session, new travel plans and a new makeover. Here we always feel that the way we dress portrays more confidence than our inner fears. We are on the constant lookout for change. The possibilities for success can be determined with the mindset that we carry and the accessories that support our vision. The biggest factor is owning a stylish bag that matches our personality. Must have heard of the quote – With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely. Yes, it is possible, with just one sturdy travel bag success can be guaranteed.

ToCode has been giving the new generation a reason to hold on to their dreams of travelling and dressing in style. Their range of backpacks, leather messenger bags and outdoor bags are equipped for long journeys and mundane day to day activities. A robust alternative to store anything from bulky laptops to camping gear. They never fail to impress with their sleek, minimalist design that packs a punch when it comes to filling your backpack with a load of items.

Any student on the threshold of making a mark in the business world or scientific world or social world will tell you that impressing the interviewer is a daunting task. Not to mention the subtle questions asked, but also being judged on the basis of one’s looks. You cannot dress sloppily for a job interview. Plus, you will need to carry a reliable backpack that can hold all of your documents and testimonials securely. The Terence laptop backpack has multiple pockets for all of your hard work. It also comprises of additional mesh and small pockets to store water bottle and snacks in case you want to ease out your anxiety.

Newlyweds on a honeymoon will be spending all of their day time sightseeing and exploring new locales. Instead of carrying two separate bags just pack all of your travel essentials into one backpack. Travel light with anti-theft black and stylish day bag. It fits your passports and travel documents with ease. The super large pockets are designed to even store extra clothing and electronic gear with elan. The large shoulder straps are equipped to carry all the weight without stressing you out.

When we look at travel demographics, there has been a constant increase in women solo travellers. And no these modern women do not need delicate handbags and purses while on tour. Instead, they are proving to be tough when it comes to travelling in comfort. They are increasingly going for military-style backpacks that can fit makeup kits to swimsuits. Packing extra is not the norm these days, a woman now knows that carrying light is the new way to be safe. As more of them have turned high-flying entrepreneurs and travel bloggers the modish bags that comes in subtle grey and black tones is a perfect choice. It is fitted with an external USB port and charging cable so that women can navigate better. Keeping in touch via their 17-inch laptop is also possible along with their clothes.

When it comes to impression mixed with functionality ToCode backpacks lead the pack. They are the ideal preference for planning a successful venture such as travelling and entering into a new phase in life. A brand that allows you to make your own mark in the world.

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