Messenger Bags! It won’t be wrong to say, cross-body bags are in the trend now. They are well known among people and can be found easily anywhere, thanks to globalisation. These bags are great for daily use and specially when you ride a bike, a lot. Their sleek appearance and unique design catches a lot many eye balls, compared to other bag variants. These cross-body bags aren’t only stylish, cool or trendy, messenger bags are tough, durable and reliable as well.

Available in a variety of sizes, shades, styles and texture material, they themselves give you a wide range to choose the right cross-body bag. But still, picking up the right and a trustworthy brand is a headache.. Only trusted and good brands can provide you a highly durable bag. And Tocode will be your right choice for all your backpacks and bags.

All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style

With a messenger bag, you can stand tall on your fashion statement among the crowd and stay organised, keeping your gears handy, protecting you from weather and burglars.

The all new range of Shoulder bags comes with new features such as, anti-theft lock, comfortable padding, separate compartments, hidden pockets and much more.

A bag becomes useful and worthy only when it can accommodate all the goodies one has to keep for a trip.

All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style

Keeping in mind, the number of things one needs to carry for a day to day run, we asked our designers to design bags with proper and good, spacious pockets. Enough big to accommodate your favorite MacBook Air, books, keys, clothes, and tiffin Our Shoulder Bags are super comfortable and fun to carry.

With a comfortable handle on top and a lengthy strap to match the style of everyone, our bags make sure there is very less or no strain on your shoulder.  However, the strain depends on the weight of the bag but our designers went a step ahead to make sure, the weight factor doesn’t affect the strain, a lot.

Made with highly durable material such as leather, nylon, polyester, fabric, our bags are long lived.

Stylish Messenger Bags

Designed to help you run all day, these bags are durable and lightweight. It’s nylon texture makes sure your belongings are safe. The adjustable strap with a comfortable handle on the top makes it look better and more professional. Nylon bags are reliable and durable. The hidden pocket can accommodate your cards, keys, wallet, the necklace that you bought for your love and much more.

All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style

Modern Messenger Bags

Fabric shoulder bags are famous and trendy for their unique and cool style, meeting your fashionable bag expectations just right, these bags are great for daily use.

The divided compartments lets you organise your accessories well and all your goodies are handy and accessible with just a flap of the bag.

Popular Messenger Bags

All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style

Leather goods, be it belts, boots, wallets or bags will never go out of fashion, messenger bags designed to keep your accessories and fashion statement just upright, Leather cross-body bag will be your perfect pick for day to day office life. With the self colours they posses, these bags become the center of attention in any crowded place.

Made with superior quality leather and an intention to be your companion for years, these bags will last for ages.

The locks are for your safety against thieves, they keep your accessories safe and add up to the fashion statement, your leather bag reflects.

Messenger bags are better to carry and are more professional than  regular backpack, these bags are waterproof, stylish and must have.


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