Writing reviews are probably underrated as many times customers are not willing to put their opinions on social networks. Sometimes it’s the privacy concern and most frequently they do feel a bit lazy to post genuine reactions for their pet merchandise. Most of the reviews posted online are for technological goods, so how do we generate reaction for daily items like bags? ToCode travel bags are a modern flag bearer of everything that a millennial wants to own and carry with his/her expanding wardrobe. So what makes ToCode bags the face of success?

  1. Chic

These bags are designed for safety and functionality. Just look at the reinforced stitches, tough buckles on leather messenger bags and smooth zippers. The canvas of the bags is made out of waterproof material. The vintage waxed exterior of the leather shoulder bags is polished to perfection. The ergonomic backside of the backpacks ensures that your spine is not held hostage under the bulk. The exterior mesh pockets for extra items and the padded interiors for electronic comfort. A new age design that works for long and short term travel goals. Even with time, these travel bags remain a sensational piece of legacy.

  1. Functionality

The top priority of these backpacks is to be front-loaded or else of being a sluggish top loader. This way you can coordinate all of your items systematically and remove them without any trouble. The shoulder straps are wide and adjustable to various lengths. They can be adjusted according to the luggage inside the backpack, also the straps are detachable and can be fit onto a baggage trolley for hands-free navigation at the airport or crowded destinations. There are locks with password protection or you can simply secure the bag with your own lock and key system. The size of the bag does not outgrow or burst at the seams even with the majority of the items being heavy. You can easily carry them inside with you in the cabin while onboard an aeroplane. Easy to store as they take up less space.

  1. Within Budget

The major deciding factor of popularity is that these bags are all priced under $100. This makes them the apt choice for cash-strapped and average travellers seeking luxury components for their travel baggage. A daily commuter will be delighted with exclusive features like sunglasses hook point on the exterior, headphone jack, external USB port and extra charging cable. With neutral colours like black and grey, these bags look sophisticated and well-groomed in a sea of neon coloured totes and purses. Even the leather messenger bags flaunt superiority and respect with their rugged, vintage appearance.

Owning a designer bag is certainly the highlight of luxe merchandise for a comfortable lifestyle. But do they give you the basic comforts of a purposeful travel bag? No. Hence ToCode bags not only define haute-coute living at a decent price but also give a run for money to all the other backpacks/messenger in the market. Their value for money is the determining factor for them being popular with the current millennial generation.

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