The leather messenger bags were used as utility bags from ancient times, first to deliver mails, gold and silver. And later as tool carriers for electricians, the legacy has now been passed on to make them one of the most sort after fashion accessory in the modern world. The Tocode classic leather Oakley shoulder bag has been made to suit the style and comfort of any millennial traveler. This unisex bag promises to wow both men and women alike with its fashionable features.

Diversity & Accessibility:
A Close Look at the Tocode Classic Oakley Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather bags come in various forms, some have easy magnetic locks, some have tough buckles like the Tocode Oakley shoulder bag, and some come with long front flaps. There are wide compartments inside the bag that easily fit bulky wallets, bunch of keys, laptop, iPad, and journals. Sometimes they can be used as a weekend travel bag completely fitted with clothes and other essentials. The Tocode leather bag has 7 compartments with thick padding to prevent any damage to your precious electronic gears while traveling.


A Close Look at the Tocode Classic Oakley Leather Shoulder Bag

As the leather ages the stylish it looks, this bag is made out of pure horse leather. The waxed canvas makes it water proof and long lasting. The material has been treated with a hot blast technology to make the surface wrinkle free and smooth. Reinforced stitching ensures that the leather bag does not burst at the seams even when loaded top to bottom with items.


This leather bag can be magically converted into a single shoulder bag or a briefcase just by adjusting the padded shoulder strap. So now you do not have to weigh down your jeans pockets by stuffing all your essentials in them. A messenger bag makes for a good man purse.

A Close Look at the Tocode Classic Oakley Leather Shoulder Bag

Not only is this Tocode leather shoulder bag natural but also highly bio-degradable and hence very eco-friendly. In a world where high-fashion is often blamed for not being environmental-friendly, owning leather goods is just a way to be both eco-friendly and trendy.

Leather is a highly breathable material, if you keep your possessions in a leather travel bag or backpack everything will be balanced. This is a great exclusive feature leather has, and you should gain from it! Browse now through the wide collection that Tocode has to offer, you will find the best backpacks and messenger bags that suit your high-flying  lifestyle.

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