Notice lately how the prices of tickets have soared high? After all, romance is in the air. The Valentine week brings in surprise or planned visits to the most desirable destinations around the world. A mix of ambience is preferred when it comes to spending some quality time with your loved one. The amalgamation of food, luxe settings and adventure keeps the thrill in romance lit. Moreover, if you are looking for the perfect place to pop the ring, then we have some stunning locations to consider.


1. Iceland


Nothing like camping or proposing under the mesmerizing outlandish Northern Lights. Perpetually covered under a thick blanket of snow you will find plenty of natural spas to relax and rejuvenate here. Reykjavik has some pretty good nightlife scenes to dance the night away, enjoy hiking at its scenic nature reserves among Arctic foxes and other animals. There are plenty of geothermal lakes and active volcanoes to explore. Sunbath at the Rauðasandur Beach on its pink and red sandy shores, or swim in the famous Blue Lagoon, a natural spa known for its healing properties. Visit Viking museums and soak in the local culture.


2. Mexico


The Mayan wonder has stunning blue waters and plenty of beaches to go snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving and just being a beach bum. Pack those swimsuits and head over for a fun vacation if you prefer the warm embrace of the sun. There is plenty to explore i.e. watch dolphins play by while enjoying a luxury yacht tour, historic Mayan pyramids, sacred sites, underground rivers and swimming in secluded cenotes. A terrific getaway for workaholic couples who are waiting to unwind in the blue waters.


3. South Africa


Looking for wild animals and sunset safaris then this place is sure to scintillate your imaginations. The adventurous couple will have the time of their life’s bungee jumping, rope climbing, rope swinging and going on wildlife safari’s. Camp amidst the beasts and take up thrilling night exploration in the wilderness. Won’t it be a great idea to pop the question to your partner while you both take pleasure in watching the great white sharks underwater? Kayaking with hippos and crocs will make some memorable Instagram moments. There cannot be anything more romantic than living in a tree house lit by lanterns and the night sky.


4. France


Land of amour, quaint bistros, majestic monuments and adventure. Going down on one knee and impressing your love with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop is always iconic. If you are looking for some royal grandeur then the Palace of Versailles will give you enough reasons to be a king and queen for a day. The extravagance of the French Riviera, St.Topez and Cannes will be the highlight of the travel. The pebbly beaches of Nice guarantee amourous walk on the white sands. Make a wish while you stroll the promenades and lock your love on the Bridge of Love and throw away the key for eternity.


5. Bali


Surfing on the whitewashed beaches, visiting ancient temples for blessings, savouring scrumptious meals at the resorts, going deep sea diving, taking holistic yoga lessons together and wandering the beautiful localities makes for the most starry-eyed vacation ever. Bali offers everything from secluded privacy of homestays with heavenly Balinese massages to exploring the islands together, there is an array of water sports to have fun and the nightlife is forever young.


6. Greece


Couples who love mystic lores, archaeology, art, architecture and lots of blue sea with amazing local seafood then Greece is the place to be. The dainty white buildings as a backdrop for all your romantic pictures, trekking Mount Olympus together, visiting the ancient oracle Delphi sites, relaxing on the pristine beaches and feasting on Meditarennean delights dipped in organic olive oil will set the tone for a much needed lovey-dovey weekend.


7. Morocco


Relish mouth-watering Moroccan cuisine, buy exquisite leather products, soak in the ambience of spices in the street filled with quaint souks, enjoy relaxing steam in a hammam and enjoy an overnight stay in the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can even surf along the coast with your love, stay in a tent or traditional riads. Fill in the sights and sounds of Moroccan cities by holding hands together and exploring the myriad culture.

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