Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice, the need to constantly renovate and revive travel style has become a social norm. When there are competition and minimalism involved for a journey backpack win hands down for being the best option as travel bags. And the modern version of these bags is full of surprises, especially when it comes to carrying around your laptop. Everyone owns one in today’s world and it has become a common sight to see people working on their gadgets while on the commute. So what makes a laptop bag so special that entrepreneurs, students and housewife’s want one in their possession?

  1. Style

When we don’t compromise on style while reinventing our wardrobes or while buying a new car then why choose a mundane travel bag? Style and functionality go hand in hand, hence we must choose something that reflects our personality. A chic travel accessory transcends into a vibrant palette of choice. Breaking away from the normal design and going for a multi-pocket laptop bag is a smart preference.


  1. Steady Built

It will the most expensive item while on a trip hence ensuring that the laptop will be theft proof and damage proof is of utmost importance. Backpacks made out of waterproof fabrics such as leather, nylon and polyester are extremely durable against all kinds of weather. The interior must be reinforced with numerous layers of foam and fabric to provide as an extra shield for your laptop. Thick padding at the base provides extra security.


  1. Flight Friendly

For frequent fliers, a backpack that opens upward to let out the laptop section at the X-ray belt without any inconvenience is a boon. An unobstructed view of the contents of the baggage at the security check-points is also a good deal. It leaves no time to be wasted to get onto the flight.


  1. Spacious pockets

It is essential that the shoulder bag has separately organized compartments so that you can distinguish between items, like chargers, documents, wallet, phone, tablet, and electric accessories. These multi-pockets keep the wires detangled and also save time without you rummaging through your clothes to find precious items.

  1. Perfect Fit

An ultimate laptop bag keeps your laptop from slipping while you cart it around. Before buying a guarantee that the laptop sleeve is the accurate match to your laptop size. We do not want an ill-fitted laptop to make the bag burst at the seams while travelling.


  1. Super Charged

Complete access to the world while travelling is a priority for many new age travellers. Hence a backpack that features a built-in charger cable with connectable exterior USB port is a must. This innovative technological design will ensure that your laptop is always in working condition.


  1. Adjustable Straps

A laptop onboard means more strain on the shoulders of the traveller. To make it easy the backpack must have adjustable padded straps. Also detachable in nature to be held onto trolley and baggage bags while walking for long distances. A breathable material will ensure that you do not suffer from sweaty backs and also the weight is distributed evenly.

ToCode travel backpacks have all the above features, they are the ultimate goals for a sturdy laptop bag you need for a safe and happy journey.

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