The athleisure trend has hit not only the fashion market but also the accessories one carries including backpacks. College students are viewed as the sports enthusiastic packs who love to carry their bags with them to the gym and classroom as well. The sports jocks have so much to brag about when it comes to style and practicality. A backpack that fits in gym gear, books and laptop needs to be tough as a soldier. Same goes for the girls who no longer prefer tote’s to put their stuff into. They rather have sturdy bags that double up as a nerd and a vanity case at the same time. Hence the sudden trend of owning a modish unisex college bag is on the rise among university students.

ToCode has introduced several chic backpacks for the millennial generation; while the exterior shape and silhouette remains unchanged the interior has various layers creatively constructed.

  1. The compact Laptop backpack

Coming in shades of classic black this backpack has an unexpected tough material exterior reworked with high finish stitching. The interior pockets can carry a 15-inch laptop and notebook with ease. The padded compartments give extra space and comfort to align all the college gear in one place. The avant-garde touch is the USB port and built-in cable for charging purposes. Conveniently enough for daily commute and action.

  1. Unisex Laptop backpack

The size of this ToCode backpack is the cutest of the pack and needs no special introduction since it is made to last for the student’s lifestyle. This fun piece has elements of waterproof material and a strong zipper system. It has a spacious interior and is also lightweight while carrying a 17-inch laptop/MacBook. Comes with a riot of pockets that fit in clothes to a water bottle and other important gear. The price is way under $50 and reasonable for any student to add it to their backpack collection. Everyone else might end up stalking this bag for its modern features of having a headphone jack and charging port. But thankfully you can password protect your stuff.

  1. Daypack

If you are someone who prefers lighter colours to darker then this backpack comes in a cheery grey tone. It has a minimalist exterior with padded breathable shoulders and a large 20-inch body with 7-inch width. It can easily fit in all the electronic gear and comes with portable charging access for student travel. So now if you are planning a day trip with friends this shoulder bag promises to fit in all your needs.

  1. Anti-theft

Who doesn’t need an anti-theft bag in college when there is a lot to protect? This backpack promises to safeguard all of the student requirements inside its anti-slash interior. It has accessible side pockets and can be strapped onto a luggage trolley for longer trips. The dark exterior is all weatherproof and handles itself well during rough situations. It is also damage proof due to its well-padded interior pockets.

  1. Crossbody

This vintage leather piece looks so sleek for an artist or a student who loves the feel of the briefcase in his/her hands. It has a professional exterior with sandpapered effect and a front zipper to hold a few documents or wallet. Has easy access back pocket for storing a tablet, the soft polyester lining and Velcro design make it rock like durable for holding a laptop and other accessories. Sling it around the campus or while riding this messenger bag will not slide off your shoulder due to its powerful adjustable straps.

  1. Versatile Backpack

The versatility of this backpack lies in the fact that it has a number of inner and outer pockets. The inner pockets are mesh style and can organize all the mundane items like books, mobile and wallet etc. The softer padded pockets can hold a 15.6-inch laptop or iPad. There are safety pockets for valuables and its durability lies in the waterproof material. This bag can be the best graduation or back to college gifts for anyone.

ToCode has definitely set the standards high when it comes to unisex style and function for backpacks.

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