Backpacks are a saving grace when it comes to travel, but there are even more ways to utilise this versatile accessory. It is not just an item that you carry to the office, school, college and vacations. ToCode bags can be put to use in various unique ways. We have come up with some practical suggestions to make them a permanent fixture for every occasion.


  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Destination weddings are a passé its the fun before the big event that counts. Packing for a long or same day bachelorette/bachelor party is adventurous. You will need all the space for your dresses, makeup kit, heels, an emergency swimsuit, sunglasses and maybe a bottle of wine too. Excuse us, but if you plan to go wild with the bride gang or the grooming gang then backpacks will be your best mate. ToCode Grand Canyon bag has plenty of pockets to keep things organized in this chaotic mess. What more you can even carry your shooting gear to record all the crazy things and upload them directly onto the social media.



  1. The Mommy Bag

Mommies have the biggest responsibility in public while travelling, to keep their babies well fed and also clean. Imagine carrying bottles of milk, extra baby clothes, clean wipes and bulk of nappies in a tote bag, no wonder young mothers suffer from back and shoulder pain. ToCode Tyler laptop backpack can carry all of these and plus more. Mommies do not have to worry about dangling purses and protruding wallets while shopping. Also, their hands will be free to cradle the baby securely or push the pram in an outdoor space. Extras like an umbrella, water bottle, mobile and even a laptop can fit in snug within its interior padded pockets. So now mothers can work on their laptops while sitting on a park bench and also keep an eye on your precious kids.



  1. Senior Citizen

Who says senior citizens do not need a backpack? They very well need to keep their supplies secure while out shopping or meeting up with their old pals for a cup of coffee. ToCode Terence Laptop backpack has all the features to fit in the newspaper, reading glasses, a book, maybe a fresh pair of clothes in case of a day trip and other essentials. A comfortable alternative to plastic bags as we know senior citizens tend to rely on plastic bags to carry their belongings. Plus a great way to keep small toys too, if they enjoy taking their grandchildren for an excursion.



  1. Group Study

Group studies are a fun way to learn and exchange educational notes before exams or semesters. This means you will need a backpack that is sturdy enough to carry all your notebooks, course books, laptop, iPad, energy drinks, bars and snacks. The ToCode Commute T backpack is the perfect fit for such occasions. It can also carry an extra pair of clothes when you are planning to spend the night with friends. Ideal for public commute and while you are riding the bike as well. The wide shoulder straps are built to last long, now you can even connect your power bank to the external USB port to charge all your electronic gear for continuing your study course without any interruption.



  1. Gym bag

Tired of carrying smelly duffel bags to the gym, then invest in the ToCode Rucksack. Although it’s made for concept travelling and business trips it can be a great alternative to put all of your gym gear in one place. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use. A grey tone looks chic with its unique pockets to store away your items safely while building upon muscles.


Minimalism combined with functionality is the new age concept and ToCode travel backpacks have mastered the art of satisfying the customers with enough room for every occasion and essentials.

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