Leather bags need no extra embellishments as they already possess a rustic appeal that works well for generations. However, a little personal touch won’t do any harm when it comes to leaving your imprint on a leather bag. Don’t just grab a patch of colourful decoration and hot glue it, wait for the perfect vision and spend wisely on the supplies. Once done you will have a leather accessory that matches with any outfit and occasion. We have come up with some effortless DIY tips and tricks to make a travel bag look trendy.

  1. Jewellery

Your basic shoulder strap can get a makeover with chains and charms that you have collected in your jewellery box. String it around the strap or cover it fully with embellished jewellery. You can also sew up a classy guitar strap over the padded shoulder strap on the leather bag to make it look rock-n-roll chic.

  1. Paint up

Awaken the artist within you and try out some hand-painting over the leather canvas of your bag. It could be a symbol you love, your name, an object or an abstract art form that captures your imagination. Acrylic craft paint works well on the waxed leather, canvas, a painter’s tape can also be used to create wild geometric shapes and designs all over the bag. Apply thin coats of paint to minimize the risk of damaging the soft surface. Avoid using the paint on shoulder straps and the flap of the bag as these areas move constantly. It may cause the paint to chip off soon.

  1. Monogram

Want to cover up a few scratches, pen marks or even slight damages on the surface then use monogrammed items. You can self-style alphabets into your initials on the bag or even get a full name. There could be important dates and events that you wish to remember and these too could be an inspiration for a monogrammed design. You can use glitter patches, stickers and pins to make the leather bag look stylish.

  1. Glamping & Globetrotting

Excited about the air miles that you have covered and experienced new cultures with your travelling? Then wear them like a badge all over your leather bag. You can hot glue, stamps and stickers related to the places that you have seen and loved. If you enjoy camping a lot, then glam up your travel bag with camping related stickers and patches. You can also tie up a few functional charms over the straps like a compass, an attractive bottle opener and a whistle.

  1. Bandana

You can always tie a silk bandana to your bag if you are not a fan of all the DIY and propping up of the bag. It has multi-purpose use, makes your leather bag look glamorous and in turn, you can always use it as protection from the heat while on the move. 

These quick tips and tricks make your leather messenger bags appear in tandem with the fashion trends. ToCode has some great collection of leather messenger bags that you can pick and choose for your next DIY project.

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