Surviving from a dead mobile can be a thing of the past soon. A millennial generation of lightweight backpacks has hit the market which promises to keep all those Battery Low signs at bay. These are conveniently equipped with external USB charging ports and extended cable. Now you have the luxury of plugging your power bank and charging your mobile or any electronic device on the go. Also, backpacks can be carried to any destination and location, hence you will stop hunting for the next available charging plug in a building while on the move.

ToCode has a wide range of chic travel backpacks that have this exclusive multi-functional feature. Suited for the high-flying executive and also the average school going kid these backpacks ooze with dimensional designs and high-value of satisfaction in a nominal budget.

The Grey Concept Travel backpack   

This backpack comes with extra security measures such as a sturdy zipper system, Anti-theft hidden pockets, wide shoulder straps with superior air flow, and lock enabled openings. It also has an array of inner compartments for all your electronic items to be stored in one place. One large padded space for your laptop and mesh pockets for smaller items. Also extra multi-purpose pockets for cards and wallet. A trolley grip back design, external USB port for charging devices hands-free. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers who want to stay connected all the time.

Laptop and Notebook Backpack

Students are eternally stuck to their devices and finding a secure place to store all of them is a boon. This backpack fits the academic role perfectly, its seamlessly stitched black body is water resistant and theft proof. A well-organized interior with a tough exterior gives it the extra edge for rough handling. Plus the fact that students can stay glued to their phones or headphones due the external USB port option is a blessing.

Adventurer Backpack

Travel bloggers who upload their adventures on the go will love this mammoth backpack that is perfect for cycling, riding, hitchhiking and camping. It has multi-space for all the weather needs while enjoying the outdoors. Firm gripped shoulder straps that don’t slide while riding, charging cable, an external port for instant sharing of pictures and videos on the social media. Oxford fabric which lightweight and durable zippers, takes up very little space and hence can be carried with self onboard an aeroplane. Reduced baggage price and efficient travel.

Unisex Backpack

Shopping for him & her is now affordable and easy. If you are planning a trip with your better half then this backpack is ideal. Not only it has feminine tones but is also rough like any masculine travel bag. Stylishly fitting for any wardrobe style with its black colour and design, it complements any personality for work and play. Also, its modern features enable it to be the preferred choice for long distance travellers.

There are multiple other choices to available in the line, you can freely choose any one of these impeccable backpacks for your next trip. We have provided you with an excellent guide for 2019, a choice is yours to create a unique travel style.

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