While the job sector is rapidly developing there is a sudden shift of the workforce from office to remote based jobs. There has been a considerable amount of people quitting their high paying jobs and moving across continents on early retirement. There have also been cases of home-based working moms on the rise. More people prefer to tackle deadlines and brands from the comfort of their sofa’s. A need to explore and experience various cultures have given impetus to travel bloggers. What is the common factor that binds all of these new age professionals? – Laptop.

Laptops have become a necessity in today's world earlier they were more of a luxury item. Carrying a laptop for work is the norm, you save all of your blueprints for success in them. Now comes the important task of safeguarding laptops from heat, damage and shock. Plus it is not easy to move around with this heavy item in the bag. Hence, you need a sturdy and functional backpack for the same.

ToCode has specially designed backpacks for laptops which can be carried along for any occasion and trip. The features that enhance them are unique and distinct from the other backpacks available in the market. Spacious separate compartments to fit laptops from 15.6  to 17 inches. These compartments are effectively padded and shockproof from impact damage. The zippers are reinforced with tough stitching and have password protected lock system. The body is covered with waterproof material and the seams are strong enough to withstand pressure. Your laptop backpack won’t be bursting at the seams while carrying heavy items.

Travel with a light feeling as these lifestyle backpacks are modish and have wide shoulder straps. The weight is evenly distributed due to the chest straps as well. The back comes with a trendy ergonomic design that is comprised of breathable mesh material. Anti-slip and anti-theft are its additional plus points. They can still be strapped to trolley bags for additional comfort while constantly travelling.

Frequent flyers and busy professionals will never miss a social media/business update because the backpacks are equipped with charging cable and external USB port that can be connected to a power bank for charging the laptop and mobile phones. There has been a spurt in listening to personal growth and entrepreneurship related podcasts. This too can be done with ease while on the road. The backpacks come with an external headphone jack.

There is no doubt that ToCode laptop backpacks are the best according to the 2019 trends. They provide productive results for professionals who wish to be on the constant go. For full-time travellers, they come as a boon with their hidden pockets and simplified the handy design. Also, they are well under $100 and this is their selling USP. Now owning a high-quality laptop backpack with all the desirable features is no dream, just check into ToCode and check out with a companion for life.

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